When it comes to planning https://mashable.com/roundup/best-dating-sites-for-men a wedding, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. But comprising traditions that honor heritage and lifestyle is a great approach to ensure your big day seems special to you and your partner. In the case of Latina American marriage ceremonies, that means embracing a wide array of delightful and unique traditions. From the un lazo oneness feast day to a money dance and more, here are 13 Latin American marriage tradition ideas to incorporate with your celebration.

Unlike a few cultures, in which the bride can be escorted throughout the aisle by her parents or siblings, Latinx couples frequently have only the padrinos, or godparents, complete them to the altar. These individuals typically have recently been married themselves and are selected by the few to be distinctive teachers in their lives. They also help to sponsor the wedding ceremony and take care of crucial details, like the arras and afinidad.

From el lazo cord to mariachi, the traditional music of many Latina American celebrations is sure to set the mood for your nuptials. https://mylatinabride.com/ecuadorian-women/ And while these types of musicians are usually tied to Mexican weddings, they’re a welcome addition at ceremonies across the prude.


In Colombia, it’s customary for the bride that can put a coin in her shoe prior to she makes its way into the ceremony as a indication of good chance. And while clearly trendy now to send off your friends with a doughnut bar, in Argentina, it’s a common traditions pertaining to couples to serve their loved ones churros at the end on the night.