eleven. Bor Boron – Appealing the fresh Bridegroom

ten. Tatta – This new Presents

Bengalis exchange gift suggestions on relationships. These types of presents are different types of cultural dresses, makeup, toliletries and you will jewelry into groom and bride, beautiful Buenos aires women dresses to the members of the family, clothing and toiletries toward nitbor and you can nitkobe, candy, an entire fish an such like. Such always can be found in decorated trays.

It is custoily spend days before relationships loading and you can ily directs this type of gift ideas toward bride’s members of the family and the haldi. So this is called the ‘gaye holud emergency room tatta’. The new bride’s members of the family sends this type of presents at the time of the boubhat.

Relationships Evening Rituals

Every is actually peaceful at household of your Bengali bride-to-be, right up until their own groom will come in addition to the bor jatri – their family and friends. Brand new bridegroom comes in a different sort of adorned vehicle. Brand new routine is performed of the bride’s mommy exactly who blesses new bridegroom and you will welcomes him by the lighting a light with the a bamboo winnow otherwise kula. She does aarti andfeeds him sweets and you will water.

twelve. Patta Bastra – The fresh new Sacred Clothing

Area of the Bengali weddingrituals occur according to the chhadnatola otherwise wedding mandap, that’s an embellished square urban area or phase . Through to the traditions begin the fresh groom needs to change into particular clothing called the patta bastra with a great dhoti and together piece of material which the groom is meant to wrap-around top of the part of the body. An elderly member of the family of one’s bride-to-be give they off to the newest groom.

thirteen. Subho Drishti – The original Auspicious Glimpse

This new Bengali relationship rituals initiate since the bride try taken to the latest chhadnatola with the good pidi or lower solid wood stool, held by their own brothers. This woman is drawn around the bridegroom in the 7 sectors when you find yourself she discusses her deal with using a great betel leaf. Upcoming much slower she movements the fresh betel leaf away from their face and the bride-to-be as well as the groom consider each other having the first time with the special day.

fourteen. Mala Bodol – Replace of Garlands

Next the brand new bride-to-be therefore the groom exchange garlands, thrice. A great personalized is carried out nowadays whenever loved ones lift the fresh bride-to-be upwards as a result it becomes burdensome for new bridegroom to place brand new garland as much as their particular shoulder.

fifteen. Sampradan – New Induction of Bride to be with the Groom’s family

Sampradan ‘s the Bengali equivalent of the Kanyadaan. An older male member of your own family or perhaps the bride’s dad works the fresh ritual and this signifies shelling out the child into guy who is going to become their unique spouse. What’s more, it means a formal induction toward groom’s nearest and dearest and you can gotra. The brand new priest chants Vedic mantras therefore the hand of your own bride to be is positioned towards the hand of one’s groom.

16. Yagna – The newest Sacred Flame

Now, the new bride-to-be in addition to groom stand near to both if you are the fresh new priest helps them perform the yagnain front side of one’s sacred fire. The fresh routine away from an excellent Bengali relationships is done to really make the Goodness regarding Flames – Agni – an observe toward sacred commitment.

17. Saptapadi – The fresh new Seven Crucial Methods

Although this ritual may sound like Saat Phere, this is simply not thus! Because of it routine, the new bride-to-be actions on seven betel leaves wear a floor one by one. This new bridegroom follows when you’re swinging a nora together with his feet because the it move ahead. A beneficial nora try a beneficial cylindrical brick always crushed herbs.

Before this routine brand new bride’s saree pallu is associated with this new patta bastraof brand new groom. This link-right up is named gatchhora.

18. Anjali – The Providing

An offering of puffed grain is made to this new sacred fire. The fresh new bride’s aunt give their particular the fresh new puffed rice and groom retains the new bride’s hand away from about their if you are both slower put the latest providing into the yagna flame.