Toulouse : Useful Links

Welcome Desk

💡Need help with anything, or perhaps just want to chat?

We are here to help you out with any issue you may encounter, come say during our office hours!



👨‍⚕️ Looking for an English-speaking GP? Want to know how your health expenses will be covered during your stay?

Answers to your questions and more, we have you covered!


 🏠 In need for an accommodation? Help with house insurances?

Have a look at the most detailed housing guide to date!


🚄 Want to move around Toulouse the easy way?

Trains, metro, tramway and bus lines: all the transportation network is at reach. Whether that be from Tisséo or SNCF, we have you covered.


🌐 🎁A reliable Internet broadband connection is all you need.. and that is all we have!

A reliable network equals an easy way for everyone to stay in touch.


🏛️ In need of a French bank account? Sick of bank charges?

Follow our guide on how to apply for a French bank account.


🥐 Just realized how empty your fridge is? Want to try delicacies from the region?

The Gastronomix team is proud to tell you all about food markets and culinary specialties in town!

Learning French

Want to know the difference between those French terms: “un verre🍷 ; le vert 🟢; le ver 🪱; le vair 🥿 et vers ↗️” ?

We will provide the best recommendations to practice French, whether on your own or on a language tandem, in complete silence or around a pint of beer with friends!

Where to study?

👨‍🎓 Looking for a quiet place to study? Want to be more productive at work?

There are numerous possibilities in Toulouse to be productive: university libraries, public libraries in town, we will tell you all about it!

Waste sorting and environment

🚮 Do you want to be involved in waste sorting in your city? Don’t quite understand the colour coding?

We are here to help: follow our tips and you will become a pro in no time.

Job opportunities

🧑🏽‍💼 👩‍💼 Need an additional source of revenue to make your mobility more confortable?

We will help you in the redaction of a French curriculum as well as a presentation letter so as to stack all the odds in your favour.


Emergency contacts

☎️ Need help or urgent care? Witnessed an accident, casualties on site?

Don’t wait. Take immediate action by calling the appropriate number. We have listed all emergency numbers.