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Our Main Groups

Join more than a thousand international students on our General Groups. We work around the clock for those groups to remain up-to-date, reliable and lively! It’s also there that we will communicate about our Events.

University-wise Groups

Your university campus probably has its own group. By signing up to your group, you will be able to connect to local and international students from your school!

Haven’t seen your university campus yet?

No worries, send us a quick note and we will create it for you.

Student Housing Groups

Your student residence probably has a dedicated group. If you want to get to know your neighbours, that’s the way to go!

Haven’t found your residence just yet?

No worries, send us a quick note and we will add it for you.

Our Instagram account

About our Events

Instagram Stories are published daily amongst other posts about our events-to-come. We also post about our previous Events.

You don’t want to miss that!  

Our Contests

We organise different contests every week or so to allow participants to potentially win free seats to our Events, ESN Toulouse goodies and regional products.

Follow us on our socials and try your luck!


Our Facebook Page

The official ESN Toulouse page

We post daily about our activity and events-to-come, just as on our Instagram account.

We also post about our previous Events.

Our Facebook Group

This lively group of more than 5.000 students is the one you need to ask any questions related to your arrival in Toulouse and to make new friends!

We also post about our events-to-come and to bring news update about our organisation.

Our LinkedIn

About what we do

ESN Toulouse x LinkedIn?

Yes, ESN Toulouse is also on LinkedIn!

If you want to learn more about our missions and the impact our association has on the local and national level, come have a look.

If you would like to share your experience about ESN Toulouse, this is the place!

Highlighting our projects and the notion of volunteering

Volunteering has plenty of benefits, including the development of one’s personal and professional skills. We rely on LinkedIn to promote these skills and to make sure it’s recognized by professional actors on the labour market.