Clothes shops

Second-hand stores

If you like second-hand stores, Toulouse has you covered. Second-hand clothing is an efficient way of finding cheaper clothes whilst avoiding overconsumption of raw materials.

Chez Henry

Red Cross Volunteers run this second-hand store located 11 rue Temponières that offers a wide range of second-hand clothes at a reasonable price.

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Second-hand store located in St-Cyprien’s neighbourhood with a wide range of shoes, clothes and more to choose from.

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Located at 18 rue Peyrolières, this essential toulousain shop sells most of its clothes by the kilo for a very affordable price.

Shopping Centres


No need to introduce Primark: located at 41 rue Rémusat, the store is open until 7.30pm and offer a great selection of clothes, accessories and more with affordable price tags!

I don’t know about Primark, tell me more about it.

The Galeries Lafayette

Galeries Lafayette settled in Toulouse offers the very same services as its Parisian counterpart. 

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