Our Services

Office Hours

ℹ️ Need help with French paperwork, or want to pay us a visit for a quick chat?

Our Volunteers are available to answer any of your questions 5-days a week at the Welcome Desk

Our Events

🕺 💃 Want to tell others ‘I can’t, have ESN this week?’ We get it.

We have you covered: Our (almost) daily events will allow you to discover our local culture and see Toulouse as never before!

The Buddy System

🎁🧑‍🤝‍🧑Want to be matched with a local student acting as a referent during your stay in Toulouse?

The Buddy System will pair you up with one of our local students, acting as a referent during your stay. Feel free to ask your referent any questions for help.

Our Socials

🌐Want to connect to the local and international community in Toulouse?

Our Socials are being updated regularly and are a major source of exchange between students. Feel free to come have a look.

Job Opportunities

🧑‍💼Need an additional source of revenue to make your mobility more confortable?

We will help you in the redaction of a French curriculum as well as a presentation letter so as to stack all the odds in your favour.

Our Survival Guide

📖 Ever wondered how to survive in Toulouse?

We have you covered! ESN Toulouse works tirelessly to bring you the best of our wonderful city.

In conjunction with local actors, ESN Toulouse has created a Survival Guide tailored to your needs.

Consider this Guide as your saviour! 

NB: We’re still here to help in case your saviour cannot save you.