Learning French in Toulouse

The French Workshop

About this Workshop

French-learning workshops are organised every Thursdays during the scholar year by our Volunteers. No commitment, fun ways to learn are the keywords to remember!

The Workshop adapts to learners’ level and need for methodology.

How to attend?

Because we need to provide each learner with individualised trainee support, seats are limited. Make sure to have your seat secured when sale goes live!

The Café des Langues

About the CDL

One of ESN Toulouse’s flagship events, the CDL is being held every Mondays during the scholar year by our Volunteers. It is the place to be if you want to practice different languages with language natives!

How to attend?

Whoops, a bit ahead of your time!

We are working around the clock to bring this section to life, thank you for your patience!

Language Trainings

Looking for training programmes?

French courses are offered by different third-parties across town. Check our non-exhaustive list.