Groceries in Toulouse

Food markets in Toulouse

Toulouse is well-known for its food markets across town! Freshly-baked, daily groceries makes those food markets the place to consider first to experience an all-new way to buy groceries.

Marché du Crystal

Known for being the cheapest food market of France, it is located downtown, near Jean Jaurès. Shopkeepers welcome you 6-days a week, Tuesday to Sunday from 7am to 1pm. Have a look on the map.

Marché Saint-Aubin

Biggest outdoors food market of the city, it takes place every Sunday mornings from 6am to 2pm. If not for its freshly-made products, the market is known to hold small gatherings and gigs. Why not sitting at a café and enjoy the morning sun? See for yourself


Marché Victor Hugo

Very popular around town, it provides with almost unlimited access to regional groceries.

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Corner Shops

Secretly fan of organic groceries?

Toulouse has it!

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Ô Local Bio (zero-waste)

No paper bags in this corner shop, it is highly recommended to bring your own containers!

Unsold articles are used in the first zero-waste restaurant in town. 

I’m ready to bring my containers!

Le Recantou

Consider yourself a vegan, vegetarian, or else?

This small corner shop close to the city centre will provide with all the groceries you may need to compliment your diet.

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Supermarkets and hypermarkets

Going to the supermarket remains the most convenient way to buy your groceries. 

Espace Gramont

At the very end of line A (metro), you will find the Espace Gramont, a superstore complex with an Auchan hypermarket to buy all the groceries you need. The complex also welcomes restaurants and shops of all kind.

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Monop'/Carrefour City shops

All around town you will be able to find smaller stores to buy your daily groceries. It is estimated that you will find at least one of those stores in every other neighborhood around town.