Waste sorting in Toulouse

Understanding the colour coding for waste sorting

Reusable packagings and recyclable-ready paper

Toulouse has certain rules and guidelines when it comes to waste sorting.

Whether that be plastic flasks/bottles or reusable packages (journals, books and magazines, letters) ; soda cans and other carboard items, it all goes to yellow and blue trash cans.

Reusable glass containers

Recycling glass containers is mandatory in France, whether that be a bottle of beer or a smaller container. Please note that only the glass container must be recycled: a beer cap, for instance, has to be trashed separately. 

Toulouse has several collect points where you can leave glass containers.

Please note: glass containers must be empty before it can be recycled.

Still need help on sorting waste? Let yourself be guided

Household rubbish

Other types of waste such as food waste and non-recyclable items will have to be trashed separately using a tightly-sealed rubbish bag. You can dispose of these bags in the usual waste containers.

Bulky waste

Bulky waste that clearly does not fit in a regular waste container? 

You will need to dispose of bulky waste in recycling centres. 

Additionally, if you cannot go to the recycling centre, AlloToulouse, a free service provided by the town hall, may be able to take care of it.

*Appointment is mandatory prior to leaving waste unattended. Leaving waste unattended without an appointment for collection is strictly prohibited.

Give AlloToulouse a call at 05 61 222 222 

Please note: A proof of address is required if you are going to the recycling centre.