Who to call in case of an emergency

112 : European Emergency Telephone Number

When in distress or a witness of an accident you can call 24/7 in all Member States of the European Union to get immediate assistance from the fire brigade, a medical team or the police. You can dial it from everywhere in the EU, from a landline or a mobile phone, free of charge. A specially trained operator will connect you to the police, ambulance or fire brigade, depending on the emergency.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you can use the number 114 if you are a victim or witness of an emergency situation and require emergency assistance. This number can be accessed by fax and SMS.

15 : SAMU for Medical Emergencies

If you or someone else needs immediate and/or urgent care. You will be first redirected to a health regulator on the phone so as to evaluate the need for a medical team to be on site. 

Make sure someone else is providing first-aid to the victim while you are on the phone with an operator. Always follow the instructions given by the regulator on the phone and do not hang up the phone unless told to do so.

17 : Police/Gendarmerie Nationale

If you need to call the police regarding an incident in which you or someone else are involved.

18 : Firefighters

If you witness a start of fire, any accident involving individuals and/or goods e.g. car crash

Please note: if there are casualties following an accident e.g. car crash, you must call 15 or 112 first.