Find your accommodation in Toulouse

Which accommodation? 🎁

There are so many ways to find an accommodation in Toulouse!

You will see below of few of them.

Private Landlords

You can choose to contact a private landlord or individual to find your accommodation. Downtown offers will range from EUR 350 and EUR 600 depending on surface area and location. Eligibility to financial assistance provided by government agencies is possible.

CROUS Housing

International students on a mobility programme are invited to reach out to their college institution for more information. CROUS offers vary from EUR 230 to EUR 430


Flat-sharing is the way to go if you are looking for great surface areas with all-inclusive, equipped homes. 

Dossier locatif

Allocate a budget

The cost of renting

There are so many ways to find an accommodation in Toulouse as a student! Whatever your choice may be, your monthly rent will usually range from EUR 250 to EUR 600

Please note: As a safeguarding measure, many landlords, if not all will require you to provide them with twice the amount of your monthly rent on the first month of your tenancy agreement. You must also consider the budget allocated to furnish your new place unless it is already furnished.

Other spendings

Paying your rent will not provide for food and other necessary amenities. Consider allocating about EUR 400 more to live comfortably.