Finding student accommodation in Toulouse is not an easy step. Several solutions are possible:
  • The CROUS Residences :The CROUS Residences: These are residences reserved for students, primarily Fellows. To find out if you can apply for accommodation in the CROUS Residences turn to International Relations or the CROUS website.
  • Student Residences : There are many student residences in Toulouse. For a complete list of availability for the month of your arrival visit the website : Adele
  •  Flat share : You can find roommates with other students. The advantages: it is more user-friendly & the prices are often advantageous. To find your future roommate direction the site : La carte des colocs.
  •  Homestay : You can find a homestay on these sites : Roomlala , swapandstudy , troctachambre
You can also consult these websites to find listings of individuals : Leboncoin  or Paruvendu

Average rents: CROUS: 160 to 360 € per month Student social residences: 375 to 430 € per month for a studio Private residences 480 to 600 € per month for a studio Roommate: 250 € to 500 € per month Empty accommodation: 350 to 550 € per month for a studio.

When applying for accommodation, do not forget these papers :

– For the student :

  • the photocopy of your identity document (identity card, passport or residence permit) ;
  • your student card or certificate of schooling
  • proof of address
  • your RIB
–  For your guarantor :
  • the last three payslips with the attestation of the employer
  • proof of address
  • an ID
  • the last tax notice
 If no one can vouch for your accommodation, you can call on the VISALE device that will vouch for your landlord. When preparing your rental file, you must provide the “certified visa” issued by Visale.

– Housing assistance :

  • CAF In France, students have the right to state support for housing. To apply for this help or find out if you have the right to the CAF website. The request is made directly online. The maximum amount of CAF help you can get if you are a student living alone in Toulouse is around € 170. The amount is lower when you live in a roommate. Whatever your nationality, if you have a residence permit, you can apply for housing assistance. But if you are not from a country of the European Union, you will have to present a birth certificate translated into French, of less than 3 months.

Some practical information :

– the first month of rent is not taken into account. For example, you return to housing on September 1, the CAF will not help for the month of September.

– It takes 2 to 3 months for the payment to take place. If we take the same example as before, you will receive help from CAF only from November (you will receive at the same time the aid for October and November)

– For CROUS housing, CAF assistance is paid directly to CROUS. For most others from other homes help is paid. For homes rented by private owners or agencies, it depends on each lessor.

– To receive help from CAF, you must give a RIB (Bank Identification Statement).

-Last recommendations :

  • Leaving your home : the tenant can leave (or leave their home) at any time of the contract, but remains bound by certain obligations: Deadline: one month’s notice must be respected (for furnished rooms and student residences) , the notice may be inferior : read the lease which specifies the duration). Formality : you must announce your departure to the lessor by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, respecting the notice period. To send the registered letter, you must go to the post office (paid service). For CROUS housing, there is only one month’s notice, but any month started in the housing must be paid. For example, if you leave your home on July 2, you will have to pay rent for the entire month of July. It will also be necessary to cancel the subscriptions that are in your name (electricity, gas, water, telephone, internet)
For further information, please visit the Welcome Desk website.